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Elopements & The Poconos

So, our family recently moved from NYC to the Poconos first to East Stroudsburg and now in Saylorsburg, And I love this place.

Tell Me More About The Poconos

Eloping in the Poconos: A Romantic Escape for Young Couples

The Pocono Mountains have long been a haven for couples seeking a romantic getaway, and it’s easy to see why. Nestled just a few hours from the bustling city, the Poconos offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, artistic charm, and quaint local markets, making it an ideal destination for young couples looking to elope and have a weekend they’ll never forget.

Art and Culture

Art lovers will find themselves right at home in the Poconos, especially in vibrant towns like Easton, Bethlehem, and Stroudsburg, where local galleries and workshops showcase a diverse array of works by regional artists. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by beautiful paintings and sculptures, or exploring studios together as you plan your future. Whether you’re into modern art or traditional crafts, there’s something here to inspire every couple.

  • Easton: Known for its dynamic arts scene, Easton hosts the Easton Arts Trail, where you can explore numerous galleries and studios. The Nurture Nature Center also offers intriguing exhibits that blend art and science.
  • Bethlehem: The Banana Factory Arts Center in Bethlehem provides a creative space with galleries, workshops, and public art installations. The town’s historic architecture adds a romantic backdrop to your elopement.
  • Stroudsburg: Stroudsburg’s ArtSpace Gallery is a must-visit, featuring works from local artists. The town regularly hosts art walks and cultural events, making it a lively spot for art enthusiasts.

Food Offerings

The Poconos are not just about scenic beauty; they also boast an impressive culinary scene. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, cozy cafes, or farm-to-table experiences, there’s something to tantalize your taste buds.

  • Easton: Indulge in gourmet meals at restaurants like River Grille or enjoy farm-fresh produce at the Easton Public Market. For a casual bite, try the delicious offerings at Two Rivers Brewing Company.
  • Bethlehem: Bethlehem’s dining scene is rich with options, from the upscale Bolete Restaurant to the historic Hotel Bethlehem’s 1741 on the Terrace. Don’t miss the unique flavors at Fegley’s Brew Works.
  • Stroudsburg: Stroudsburg offers a range of culinary delights, including the farm-to-table Harvest Restaurant and the eclectic Siamsa Irish Pub. For a sweet treat, visit Kitchen Chemistry for some homemade goodies. cafe duet for the strongest best coffee and out door garden, the Cure for some boring breakfast, Momento, The Farmhouse Eatery, Kobys Creek Side Grill. I could go on and on.

Flea Markets and Farmers Markets

For those who love a good bargain or simply enjoy exploring local treasures, the Poconos boast charming flea markets filled with unique finds. Here are some must-visit markets:

  1. Blue Ridge Flea Market: Located in Saylorsburg, this market is known for its variety of antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. It’s a treasure trove for couples looking for unique wedding decor or meaningful keepsakes.
  2. Hickory Run Flea Market: Situated in Lake Harmony, this market offers an eclectic mix of goods from furniture to handmade crafts. It’s a great spot to find that perfect piece to commemorate your special day.
  3. Amish Farmers Market: In Stroudsburg, this market is perfect for fresh produce and artisanal treats. Pick up some local goodies for a romantic picnic or a cozy brunch.
  4. Great Pocono Antique Mall: Located in Blakeslee, this mall is a dream for antique lovers. Browse through a vast collection of timeless pieces that can add a vintage touch to your elopement.
  5. And let’s not forget about the Pocono Bizarre and the best fried chicken and home made hot sauces in the world.

Wildflowers and Scenic Overlooks

Spring and summer in the Poconos bring a burst of color with wildflowers dotting the landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for your elopement photos. Imagine exchanging vows at a scenic overlook, with breathtaking views of rolling hills and serene lakes stretching out before you. Whether you prefer a sunrise ceremony or a sunset kiss, the Poconos offer endless opportunities for intimate moments in nature.

Why the Poconos?

What makes the Poconos truly special is its proximity to the city—just a short drive away, you’ll find yourself in a world of scenic beauty and small-town charm. Imagine escaping the hustle and bustle of city life for a weekend and immersing yourself in the tranquility of the mountains. With cozy bed-and-breakfasts and charming cabins to choose from, the Poconos offer the perfect blend of comfort and adventure for your elopement getaway.

What is an elopement?

For as long as I can remember an elopement was a term used for people getting married in secrecy, even the city hall wedding was frowned upon in some circles, If you dont go big, its almost as if it didn’t happen. Well thank god that is over. Elopements now hold space for people not wanting to spend money, or don’t have the money to spend. too laid back couples who aren’t into big parties and are more reserved.

Self-Uniting Elopement vs. Officiated Elopement

In PA, couples can marry themselves in a self-uniting marriage ceremony (also known as a “Quaker marriage”). Super interesting as not many states in the USA have this. And I personally think its amazing !

You can also do something more traditional and get officiated as well, in a church of your choosing, or hire a private officiant and do it pretty much any where..

I think the benefits of doing it alone is the true intimacy of the experience, honoring each other in this deep way with no distractions.

However with that being said, it’s also amazing to have close friends and family, or children present, as its often equally as meaningful for them.

Elopements are Environmentally Friendly

Well first of all it can be better for the environment, for your pockets, and for your mental well being.

  • You consume less and produce less waste, this is a huge huge pro for eloping vs larger weddings which can produce a lot more throw away items.
  • It’s less stress on you and your partner, often elopements are less guests and less moving pieces. Getting married feels intimate and meaningful and less like a huge production.
  • Elopements Are also dope because you can do whatever it is you want to do. And that’s the whole point! Like I got married in front of an abandoned bank on the bowery at 6am.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eloping in Pennsylvania

What does eloping in PA cost? Most elopements with good quality photography will run you around $1,500-$2,500 thats with officiation and an out door free venue, maybe 10 guests, a bottle or 2 of champaign and some cupcakes. Some folks splurge a little more, and will rent a small venue or an Airbnb, and then you can get up to 5-10K. Elopements in general are more affordable than traditional weddings, which often at bare minimum are around $31,000 in Pennsylvania based on The Knot’s Real Wedding Study. I’d say its a no brainer, but everyone is different and folks really need to decide whats right for them and going to mean the most.

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How do we get a marriage license in PA? 

In Pennsylvania, it’s often easiest to get a marriage license from your local courthouse (you’ll want to search “[Your City] Court of Orphans” to get started). 

Typically, there will be a small fee (usually around $80 dollars or so) to file the paperwork, and you and your fiancé will need to be there to file and sign paperwork together. They will typically make you wait a few days until you can pick up your license, but once you have it in hand you can get married anywhere in PA within 60 days. It’s super simple!

How many guests can we have at our elopement? 

Elopements range from just the couple to upwards of 25 people. The number of guests usually depends on the location I usually say a true elopement is between 10-25 guests.

Where To Elope in The Poconos?

Some places to Elope that are well known in The Poconos are:

Also a few other interesting venues are.

Adventurous Elopements in Pennsylvania

Adventurous locations can be found in county, state, and federal parks. From easy and popular hiking trails like the Hawk Falls trail in Hickory Run State Park, to more scenic opportunities like the Ricketts Glen State Park waterfall trail.

A few more

  1. Beltzville State Park
  2. Big Pocono State Park
  3. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
  4. Hickory Run State Park
  5. Lehigh Gorge State Park
  6. Upper Delaware Recreational River
  7. Promised Land State Park
  8. Tobyhanna State Park

And then of course you can always just elope in your backyard, a dope scenic spot that means something to you, the facade of an old factor building, a rail road track that looks off into infinity, a mountain top, go for a hike and find something together. The mountains are vast and have so much room to play and be creative.

So, with all this being said, The Poconos are a really good option for an elopement, and can easily turn into a whole weekend getaway.


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Mischa & Samir

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Kait & Jerry

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Lucy & Gary

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Jemma & Matt
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