Wedding And Elopement Q&A Guide

Tell us a little about you?

I’ve have been shooting photography for over 20 years now, getting my first film camera at age 13. I spent my twenties shooting fine art portraiture as well as curating art shows and fundraising for various causes in NYC. In my early 30s I landed a job working for an elopement company in NYC full time. I spent over 5 years with them as their lead shooter, as well as helping them build their company. I shot over 300 elopements with them and fell in love with this work and the couples I got to meet. In the slow period of 2020 I found a unique opportunity to start my own company. I found this amazing inspiration to focus more on myself and as a woman and a new mother that meant the world to me. 3 years later I can say I built my own really successful honest wedding photography company. I am so deeply proud of that. I am an alternative wedding and elopement photographer specializing in truly documentary styled fine art photography. I am a free thinker and a lover of nature. In addition to photography I am a mother, wife and graduate student at NYU for mental health counseling. I love thrifting and talking about sustainability and regenerative farming. My family and I recently relocated to the Poconos PA. I shoot in NYC and the Poconos. 

How would you describe your style of wedding Photography?

I shoot in a photo journalistic style. Unobtrusive and here to capture couples as they really are versus curating every moment to look perfect. I love the nuances of relationships, and often find myself drawn to the moments no one else sees. Sometimes I more than just a fly on the wall, but the wall paper itself! pulling myself all the way back, going across the street and letting couples walk through the space we’re in. I am not only interested in the people on the dance floor, but the aunt, uncle, or friend who doesn’t like dancing at all. I tell stories from start to finish, shooting everything and adding an artistic angle to it.

Do you pose people and give directions?

A lot of the so called documentary styled work out there is NOT authentic, it’s totally posed. My work is all about portraying couples honestly and honoring their unique personalties. I am not the type of photographer to suggest jumping on each others backs or running towards me and giggling to create something that looks like you’re having so much fun. I invite couples to show me who they really are, how do you act as a couple when no one else is watching, of course there is definitely a performative aspect to photography, but a truly documentary style means re-creating real life VS pretending to be someone else for photos. I believe life is beautiful as it is and those fun moments do happen naturally, I promise they really do! In over 10 years of experience doing this, it’s the honest work that stands the test of time, and speaks to the soul. Thats what I care about and thats the kind person I am. With that being said, I of course want you to feel and look your best. I give direction if something isn’t working, like facial expressions seem awkward, clothes need to be tucked or flattened, hair is out of place.

Family portraits are the only truly posed work I offer. Those are set up and curated with a more specific goal, mainly to get people together and make sure I capture all of the various combinations with the best back drop available to us.

We See you mainly shoot intimate weddings and elopements do you also photograph larger weddings? 

Absolutely ! So while my passion is smaller intimate work, meaning under 75 guests. I do take larger weddings when the connection feels right and people resonate with my vision.

Who are your second photographers?

Second photographers are people I have worked directly with or vetted extensively. They are people I trust can deliver high quality photos. Second photographer’s will have the same quality equipment as I do. In addition I will be editing all the images so the image style remains fluid throughout.

What if you get ill have an emergency and have to cancel?

In the event that I have become too ill to perform, or something catastrophic occurs  I will provide you with a backup photographer. I am a part of a pretty large NYC and Northern PA photography group that allows me access to photographers in the event of an emergency.  I will also remain a part of the team and will be editing and sending out your final gallery. If all else fails I will issue a full refund.

What do we need to book the day?

I require a %30 non-refundable booking fee to hold your day. This is non refundable based on the fact that by holding your date I lose other work opportunities. This also insures I can still run my business in the event of catastrophe.

Do you have Insurance?

I sure do, I carry standard coverage for both liability and venue COI options. Please just inquire if it’s needed.

How do we pay?

I currently use Zelle as my primary online mode of payment. Its great for down payments and not having to worry about bringing checks or cash around with you on your wedding day. I also have CashApp PayPal and accept cash as well.

Can we see a full wedding gallery before booking?

Yes! please just inquire with me.

What is included in the hours we book with you?

Well to start off with, your elopement and wedding or event timeline. The hours you book and package you choose should take into account traveling from one place to the next during your wedding day, a meal or break if booking more than 6 hours. Once I arrive and our time starts thats how we determine the hours needed till I am done. With that being said sometimes couples have 2 different events in one day and then we plan that event accordingly and on a case by case basis.

What if were late?

I always give a 15 minute buffer for elopement’s I get it, things happen. For larger weddings I typically give the couple the whole day and as long as things have been communicated with me prior to arrival, I am fairly flexible. However, if a client is running 2 hours late, leading to the entire wedding being pushed back, then we add on more time as needed to the originally contracted package.

Can you help us find a wedding officiant?

Yes! definitely I work with an amazing team of officiants here in NYC & PA and I am happy to connect you with them.

Can we meet with you in person before booking?

Unfortunately, No. I do not meet with clients before booking, but I do offer complimentary calls where we can get aquatinted and you can interview me, and of course see me.

What format do we receive our photos in?

All images are sent in high resolution JPEG format, meaning you can print as large as 11×14 and higher. They are sent through an online gallery Pic-Time that you can download directly from, order prints, and share with friends and family.

Can we have raw Files?

While I understand there is an allure to having the unedited versions of the images, I do not currently offer that. By choosing to work with me you are also trusting me and my professionalism as a photographer and editor. All images I release to clients are tended to with the utmost care and detail and are fully edited in my unique style. The final images you receive are ready to print.

How long will the wedding or elopement gallery be online?

Permanently 🙂

What if we lose our files after the gallery has expired? do you have backups?

Yes! I have backs ups of all of my weddings and shoots, it’s my job as a professional photographer to always maintain these libraries for myself and for clients as well.

What does editing mean?

Editing is color correction of all images, adding contrast, curves, and white balance correction, cropping images and straightening them, as well as culling and curating galleries by removing closed eyes, duplicates or unflattering angles. All finalized edited galleries are ready to print. Great Article here.

Do you provide retouching?

My packages include editing as described above. Retouching is a special add on. I work with an amazing photo-retoucher who can literally do whatever you need done, from air brushing faces to reshaping bodies, and removing people from the background of an image.

Can we have images in black and white?

Yes! I include duplicate black and white galleries of all of my shoots and weddings. I love black and white so much its really a staple of the work I do.

What if I want my photos kept private?

I know some couples need this for work related reasons. At this time I only offer NDAs on a case by case basis NDAs are a 1k add on. Other than that I always work with couples who are more private to exclude names, and choose images to post or promote that we both agree on.

Do you do same sex and LBGTQ weddings?

Yes! most definitely! I Above all else I am a free thinker and accepting of all walks of life. Check out Brekke and Rose’s Wedding Gallery here.

Can we hire video through you?

I am currently working with an awesome NYC & PA based video team and I am happy to connect you once we have booked. We also offer super 8.

What are the best times of day for elopement and engagement photography?

I love shooting in the mornings it’s just a bit quieter and also right before sunset as well for optimal lighting. Midday (meaning 12 noon) isn’t ideal as the sun is right above our heads and the shadows can be unflattering. So, ideal times are 8am-10am and then 2pm till sunset.

What camera gear do you use?

I am currently using the 5D mark IV and have a Second Canon R6 Mirrorless full frame body, I only use fixed lenses I have the 50 1.2 and 24 1.4 L and 16mm 2.8 canon lenses. I also shoot 35mm analog film and have a few awesome vintages cameras.

What is 35mm Film and why is it special?

35mm film is the original photographic medium, both the still image and moving image was shot on. With the rise in digital we forgot about this historical format. Its too bad we did, because on so many levels the image quality is superior to digital. The grain and texture of film gives the images this truly real and unique quality. Its one of a kind. Its a truly special add on and something I include in all of my packages. Please see a film gallery here shot on expired fuji film.

What if it rains, snows etc?

Honestly, I love rainy shoots! My gear is rain and weather proof, and with some open mindedness on your end we can still get amazing images! rain snow or hail.

Do you travel ?

Currently I only serve NYC, Parts of upstate NY, New Jersey, North Eastern PA, and more specifically the Poconos and Easton area of PA.


“WOW! We could not recommend Gianna enough as a wedding photographer. The day of Gianna was fun, professional, and helped us make the most of every shot. She seems to have an eye for finding the perfect shot wherever we went throughout Brooklyn and knew where to take us to find interesting street art and views. She brought a positive vibe and great energy throughout. If you are looking for fun and unique shots, look no further!”

Gabby & Tom

“Gianna is a master of her craft & an all around incredible person who we are *so* grateful to have gotten to work with. Planning to have a tiny wedding ceremony in 2020 was a rollercoaster, but the stars really aligned when we found Gianna. Her photojournalistic style is so special; she captured us, our day, and the neighborhood we love so beautifully. Our wedding was very intimate, and Gianna fit right in & made us all feel at ease. It was a privilege to work with such a passionate and talented artist whose unique vision we could trust implicitly. If you’re looking for a photographer who will capture your day in a way you will treasure forever – seriously look no further! Each image is such a gift. We can’t thank you enough, Gianna!”

Dylan & Jordan

“Gianna was such an amazing part of our wedding. She was so flexible, accommodating, and friendly. Everyone loved her work. She first shot an engagement shoot with us and after that we knew we wanted her for the wedding. Those photos were a hit and everyone wanted to know who shot us. She was attentive when taking shots guiding us to get the most flattering ones and patient when we needed breaks or weren’t feeling the shots. She’s super down to earth and intuitive. We have her bookmarked for any future events and gave her info out to guests as well.”

Mischa & Samir

“I cannot say enough good things about Gianna. Her documentary-style vibe was the perfect fit for our more laid-back elopement + party. We never wanted anything to feel forced or cheesy. She has genuinely mastered the art of taking authentic and real pictures that are still so beautiful.
Not only is her work amazing, but she made everything feel so comfortable and easy. We all genuinely had a blast running around all over NEPA taking photos. It was a truly magical day and Gianna played a huge role in that!”

Kait & Jerry

“Gianna was brilliant I’m so happy we chose her to photograph our wedding. She was very flexible with timings (even last minute changes on the morning of) and made us feel relaxed and ourselves. My favorite thing is that she shot on film and digital, so special to have both mediums. She’s truly a master of her craft and a wonderful human. Thanks Gianna for giving us the best memories to keep forever”

Olivia & David

“So when you elope from Tennessee to have your wedding in NYC you want the best of everything; the best location, the ceremony, and the best photographer, and that is what we had! Gianna made our wedding a true fairytale! Gianna brought the city to us! Our photos were so unique and creative. We had so much fun traveling around the city that she knows so well. She captured the brilliance and magic of her New York and shared it with us, making our day so very special. The photos bring back the feel of day to us each time we see them.”

Lucy & Gary

“Gianna was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her passion, charisma, and energy really shines in her elopement photography. Her attention to detail and professionalism really blew us away. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our New York City wedding. Gianna has a strong knowledge of the city and knew all of the best places to take stunning photos. Our family and friends could not get over how well our photos turned out and thought they should be featured in magazines! We will always have such vivid memories from our special day whenever we look at Gianna’s photos. Thank you for everything Gianna!”

Chris & Gillian

“Sometimes thank you doesn’t seem enough. You amazed us. When we first booked our wedding we had our fingers crossed we’d get to have you as our photographer and we can’t tell you how happy we were when we got you! Your passion and love for what you do shines through. It’s so lovely to watch someone who has truly found their unique talent in this world. We know every photo you took could not have been taken by anyone else. Our photos are beautiful, you’ve captured our happiest moments and turned them into something so special for us and our family. Thank you for everything – you are one of a kind. “

Jemma & Matt
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