About The Collective

With over a decade of photography experience and 6 working in the NYC wedding industry I decided to start my own wedding photography collective. My goal was to offer couples genuinely artistic and documentary styled photography. We are not into fake or corny work and we will not be having you run and jump on each other ūüôā I always say I think life is beautiful as it is, I wanna tell stories that are dynamic, just like life is, we need all the shades of the spectrum to fully appreciate its beauty. Sometimes that means catching the old grumpy uncle in the corner as well as the dance party. We love it all.

We all specialize in 35mm film and digital fine art photography. We are story tellers, lovers of vintage inspired work, anti cliche wedding photographers, and into classic portraiture.

I currently take a limited number of weddings each year while running the administrative aspect of the collective and also handling all of the post production and editing of clients galleries.

I am an integral part of your experience even if I am not directly shooting your event. Im always here to support.

Owner Gianna Leo Falcon: Serving NYC + The Poconos PA

My grandfather got me my first film camera at age 13. I remember I would walk around shooting anything and everything. I didn’t know it yet but this would become my life long passion. I spent my twenties shooting fine art photography and black and white self portraiture, finding deep inspiration in work that spoke to human emotions. As a native New Yorker and child of the 80s I am obsessed with colorful walls and urban landscapes. I love weaving the gentleness of weddings in with the streets of the city. 

My wedding photography and portrait style is documentary with a vintage fine art edge. Final galleries feel like a story and often clients say their gallery literally brought them right back to the day. I shoot both 35mm analog film and digital photography. I absolutely live for and love colors and colorful weddings. I also equally love black and white and all of our weddings come with a duplicate black and white gallery, because thats how it should be. I believe in going with the flow of a day and telling authentic and genuine stories. Above all else I want couples to feel moved and connected with the work we create together. I also love florals and believe full heartedly they are a super significant part of any wedding or elopement. 

A few photographers I love and worth checking out:

Francesca Woodmen +Vivian Mair + Jamel Shabazz +Maciek Jasik +  

In addition to photography I attend NYU graduate school for Mental Health counseling. I live in the Poconos with my husband Ralph and my two children, Odin and Luchiana Aruna. We love flea markets and thrift shopping, deep late night talks of sustainability, homesteading, aka trying to grow a few veggies in our yard, alternative educational models, aka not stressing our kids about fitting molds, and the fintech world. I shoot in NYC and the Poconos.

Giannas Work HERE



Associate Shooter Jules: NYC + Upstate NY PA

Jules is a talented, self-taught, Puerto Rican photographer based in NYC, with a passion for capturing life’s most meaningful moments. Specializing in portraits, weddings, events, and concerts, Jules has a keen eye for detail and a unique ability to tell stories through her photos.
Jules is a Marymount Manhattan College graduate with a degree in Theatre Arts, which has given her a unique perspective on the art of storytelling and a deep appreciation for performing and visual arts. She has been working as a freelance photographer for the past two years, honing her craft and building a reputation for her outstanding work. Jules finds the most gratifying aspect of photography in helping clients who believe they are unphotogenic to overcome their doubts, and ultimately seeing their satisfaction when they are delighted with the final results.

Associate Shooter G: NYC + Upstate NY + Long Island

I’ve been shooting film photography since high-school where I took some of my first dark room classes. I really fell in love with the craft and continued to pursue my degree in fine art through college. Ive always had a deep love and respect for documenting intimacy and my friends relationships. In 2017 I ended up second shooting for a wedding photographer. Wedding photography kind-of happened it was nothing planned in any real way. But, it has been the perfect combination and really satisfies my passion for the work. In addition to photography I also love music I sing and play multiple instruments. I shoot 35mm film and digital photography and love documentary story telling.  G shoots in NYC, Long Island and Upstate NY. Gs work below: click links


G's Work

Associate Shooter Andrea:  NYC + NJ

I am a photographer based in NYC and made in Colombia. In continuous love with creating images that promote inclusivity, diversity, empathy, wellbeing, and joy. My current work focuses on rethinking beauty standards and  stereotypes imposed on society, showcasing the profiles of different shapes, races and backgrounds within the Latin community and exploring what makes us unique. I have been shooting and second shooting weddings and elopements more recently and really loving the work.

Soy una directora creativa y fotógrafa radicada en NYC y hecha en Colombia. En amor continuo con la creación de imágenes que promuevan la inclusión, la diversidad, la empatía, el bienestar y la alegría.

Mi trabajo actual se enfoca en repensar los est√°ndares de belleza y los estereotipos impuestos en la sociedad, mostrando los perfiles de diferentes formas, razas y or√≠genes dentro de la comunidad latina y explorando lo que nos hace √ļnicos.

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