Gianna Leo Falcon

My grandfather got me my first film camera at age 13. I remember I would walk around shooting anything and everything. I didn’t know it yet but this would become my life long passion. I spent my twenties shooting fine art photography, and black and white self portraiture, and found my inspiration in work that spoke to human emotions.

In 2016, after almost giving up on the idea of a “photography career” as many of you know so few artists are ever able to make a living at what they do. I landed a job photographing elopements and weddings full time for a company. I fell in love with this work and the ability to connect with such a diverse group of people regularly.  In 2019 I began  paving my own path and have worked for myself ever since.

My wedding photography and portraits can be described as photojournalistic with a vintage fine art edge. I shoot both 35mm analog film and digital photography. I absolutely live for and love colors and colorful weddings. I believe in going with the flow of a day and telling authentic and genuine stories. Above all else I want couples to look back and feel moved and connected with the work we create together.

In addition to photography I attend NYU graduate school for Mental Health counseling. I live in the Poconos with my husband Ralph and my toddler Luchiana Aruna. We love flea markets and thrift shopping, deep late night talks of sustainability and off grid living, and the fintech world. I shoot in NYC and the Poconos.

I look forward to connecting more. G


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